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For the past four years, I have wrestled with a single prompting from God. It has stirred my heart and gnawed at the back of my brain as I tried to decipher God’s direction and hear His voice for my next steps. Career doors closed and ministry opportunities came and went, yet a single passion to help women as they travel their personal journey to find a new sense of purpose, a new source of value has chased me.

You see, I have walked a path that has required me to assess my value and purpose. It forced me to surrender my will, pride, and plans for a path that is far removed from my initial goals.

At 18, I was headed to college, a pre-med major, ready to save women and babies. Many years later, I graduated with a health psychology degree, and uncertain of my next steps.

I found a job in an academic research lab and my career grew in clinical research. Years later I had an opportunity to travel internationally, leading research teams in India, Europe, and the US.

But my heart always remained in medicine so, in 2003 I took a position in beautiful Central Oregon at a multi-specialty clinic. I later had a chance to fulfill a dream, running the Oncology Department for our local hospital and building a new cancer center. I left the hospital to become the Chief Operations Officer for a Federally Qualified Health Center – caring for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Along this path, I married an exceptional man, Mac, and we have shared 42 years of life together. We have three grandchildren and a 40-pound fur-baby, Titus. We still live in Central Oregon where I feed my creative passion for gardening and drawing and can be found hiking the local trails.

My life today is not what I had originally planned. But I know the discovery of my personal value and purpose are birthed from my experiences and God’s direction.

I hope you join me on this journey of discovering your unique value in Christ.

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Finding our true value and purpose in Christ – 2 Corinthians 5:17

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